Chadderton Goods Branch

NEWS & UPDATES - 24/06/2017 Links to youtube videos added for Chadderton Goods BR trains on the branch and Middleton Junction & Vitriol Works. Also added to Oldham Loop section for trips around the branch. 21/05/2017. Photos added to Royton Junction & Bullcote Lane / Heyside. 07/05/2017 Oldham Mumps goods sheds updated and a couple of photos added to Trains at Oldham Mumps. 05/05/2017 Photos added to Newton Heath Depot and Trains at Oldham Mumps. 24/04/2017 Oldham Mumps Station section updated in Oldham Loop. 15/04/2017 Oldham Loops Phots of Hollinwood & Oldham Werneth updated. 14/04/2017. Photos of the present day Chadderton Goods branch added to the "Then & Now" and "BR trains on the line" section. 10/03/2017 Photo of 8F railtour to Chadderton Goods added as well as more photos around Chadderton Junction.

Photos of the Chadderton Goods Branch Past & Present.

Middleton Junction 14/04/2017. © Chris Bruce 2017

The remians of Middleton juJunction Station. 14/04/2017. © Chris Bruce 2017

The track removed as it curved away from Middleton Junction before crossing the Rochdale canal. © Allan Roach 2015
Track removed on the canal bridge looking back towards Middleton Junction. © Allan Roach 2015
The canal bridge has been removed as well as the railway embankment on the far side. © Chris Bruce 2015
All that remains of the bridge across the canal on the Chadderton side. © Chris Bruce 2015

Where the original line from Manchester to Oldham crossed teh canal at Middleton Junction. 14/04/2017 © Chris Bruce 2015

Chadderton Junction with the brach head shunt still in place. Photographer and copyright T A Fletcher.


Chadderton Junction with the branch on the left and the line to Oldham via the Werneth Incline on the right. © Tom Wray 2015

Chadderton Junction possibly 10/04/1964. Photographer and copyright T A Fletcher.

Chadderton Junction once the line to Chadderton Goods had become a long 'siding' 28/071964. Photographer and copyright T A Fletcher.

Chadderton Junction taken from the Goods branch looking towards Middleton Junction. © Tom Wray 2015

Near to Chaderton Junction looking from Chadderton Goods towards Middleton Junction. 14/04/2017. © Chris Bruce 2017

Looking up the Chadderton Goods Branch from Chadderton Junction. The bridge allowed the farmer access between fields. 21/05/1965. Photographer and copyright T A Fletcher.

Only the sleepers remain at Chadderton Junction. © Allan Roach 2015
The entrance to Chadderton Goods before the STOP boards were stolen, © Allan Roach 2015
The entrance to Chadderton Goods after the STOP board theft and with a wooden stop block. © Chris Bruce 2015

Near to STOP board at what was the entrance to Chadderton Goods Yard with Hunt Lane crossing the line. 14/04/2014.  © Chris Bruce 2017

A closer image of the bridge that takes Hunt Lane over the tracks. 14/04/2017. © Chris Bruce 2017

Sweary Mary will be happy as the rude word that was there in 1986 (or earlier) is still in existance. 14/04/2017. © Chris Bruce 2017

A poor quality shot of the wooden stop block "protecting" the line from runaway wagons. © Chris Bruce 2015
The remains of point work under Hunt Lane bridge. © Allan Roach 2015
Looking back from Chadderton Goods under Hunt Lane. © Chris Bruce 2015

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The view from Hunt Lane bridge into Chadderton Goods. © Allan Roach 2015

The view from Hunt Lane bridge into what was Chadderton Goods Yard. 14/04/2017. © Chris Bruce 2017


Inside Chadderton Goods with the coal drop onto the conveyor just after the first point. © Allan Roach 2015
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