Chadderton Goods Branch

NEWS & UPDATES - 14/10/2018 Miles Platting, Thorpes Bridge Junction & Dean Lane are now visible again. I have added a couple more photos of Thorpes Bridge and the post L&Y/Porta Cabin Signal Boxes. 16/07/2018 Due to someone ignoring the copyright symbol, and not bothering to ask if it is okay to repost the photographs on the site, I have temporarily removed them photos for now. They will be visible again once I have updated them. Sorry for the inconvenience I hope they will be back up soon. Just to make it clear all content on the website is © copyright of the persons named. All rights are reserved by the persons named. If you want to post the photographs in your website or Facebook group etc, please ask permission first. It's common courtesy.

31160 about to enter Chadderton Goods
31158 departing Chadderton Goods
47305 at Manchester Victoria, heading for Chadderton Goods
08675 departing Chadderton Goods

What the site is here for.....

The aim of this website is to record the history, of this overlooked, L & Y built freight branch from being built until the line was lifted on 30th September 1991, even though the line didn't officially close until the 8th August 1993!


The last known coal train working along the branch was 47144 sometime in 1988.


There are photographs of trains on the branch and lists of known workings, even down to some of the wagons that were recorded.


Most of my records are towards the end of the lines life during the mid 1980's. If anyone else has information or photographs they'd like to add, they will be credited accordingly.


Some parts of the site are currently underconstruction and items will be added when time is available.



Chadderton Goods Photo Gallery

The site aims to record as much information as possible especially items for the photo gallery .


I am adding the photographs I have from 1985 to 1991 and more are welcome. Photo's of the trains, the buildings or even the people who worked there are welcome.

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