Chadderton Goods Branch

NEWS & UPDATES - 26/12/2017 A list of HBA / HEA wagons known to have visited Chadderon Goods has been added to the photo section "Wagon at Chadderton Goods". 26/11/2017 Photos added to Rochdale/New Hey & Shaw & Crompton.

Thomas Hill Industrial Shunter

Chadderton Goods Vanguard shunter during its orange phase, and before the shutters were required. 23 July 1982. © Geoff Jones 2015
Thomas Hill Vanguard Shunter at Chadderton Goods in 1984. © Allan Roach 2015
The shunter was normally stabled here, usually out of sight behind Beaufort Air Sea Equipment. The Thomas Hill / Rolls Royce, Vanguard shunter parked on the third siding at the British Fuel Depot. Photographed in 1987. © Chris Bruce 2012
Shuttered up Thomas Hill Shunter. Photographed in 1987. © Chris Bruce 2012
Shunter empties two HEA hoppers over the conveyor drop. © Chris Bruce 2012
Thomas Hill Vanguard Shunter out of use at Chadderton Goods. © Allan Roach 2015
Shunter photographed in 1991. © Chris Bruce 2012
Awaiting the scrap man? Photographed in 1991. © Chris Bruce 2012
Cab door left open. 1991. © Chris Bruce 2012
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