Chadderton Goods Branch

NEWS & UPDATES - 24/06/2017 Links to youtube videos added for Chadderton Goods BR trains on the branch and Middleton Junction & Vitriol Works. Also added to Oldham Loop section for trips around the branch. 21/05/2017. Photos added to Royton Junction & Bullcote Lane / Heyside. 07/05/2017 Oldham Mumps goods sheds updated and a couple of photos added to Trains at Oldham Mumps. 05/05/2017 Photos added to Newton Heath Depot and Trains at Oldham Mumps. 24/04/2017 Oldham Mumps Station section updated in Oldham Loop. 15/04/2017 Oldham Loops Phots of Hollinwood & Oldham Werneth updated. 14/04/2017. Photos of the present day Chadderton Goods branch added to the "Then & Now" and "BR trains on the line" section. 10/03/2017 Photo of 8F railtour to Chadderton Goods added as well as more photos around Chadderton Junction.

Thomas Hill Industrial Shunter

Chadderton Goods Vanguard shunter during its orange phase, and before the shutters were required. 23 July 1982. © Geoff Jones 2015
Thomas Hill Vanguard Shunter at Chadderton Goods in 1984. © Allan Roach 2015
The shunter was normally stabled here, usually out of sight behind Beaufort Air Sea Equipment. The Thomas Hill / Rolls Royce, Vanguard shunter parked on the third siding at the British Fuel Depot. Photographed in 1987. © Chris Bruce 2012
Shuttered up Thomas Hill Shunter. Photographed in 1987. © Chris Bruce 2012
Shunter empties two HEA hoppers over the conveyor drop. © Chris Bruce 2012
Thomas Hill Vanguard Shunter out of use at Chadderton Goods. © Allan Roach 2015
Shunter photographed in 1991. © Chris Bruce 2012
Awaiting the scrap man? Photographed in 1991. © Chris Bruce 2012
Cab door left open. 1991. © Chris Bruce 2012
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