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NEWS & UPDATES - 14/08/2021 Photos added to the BR Full & Empty Wagon Working section. 06/01/2021 A Link to Alan Roach's Youtube video of Middleton Junction Signal Box added. This is in the Middleton Junction & Vitriol section. 30/12/2020 - Loco working details updated. 22/12/2020 - No updates for a while but hopefully more to come in 2021. In the photo section for the Industrial Shunter there is a YouTube link. I you look at 2:58 in the video you will see a familar sight.

Oldham Mumps Signal Box & Signalling

A few photos of the various signals that have been arround Oldham Mumps.

 Mumps Signal Box after closure. Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

 Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

The ground floor of Mumps Signal Box, after closure and after the midnight scrap metal men had visited. Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

Upstairs in Mumps Signal Box after closure and a few other visitors. Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

Semaphore on the Rochdale platform with two more on Mumps bridge. Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

The colour light replacement controlling trains to Rochdale.  Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

A different aspect to OM23.  Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

 Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

The Manchester platform semaphore with Mumps Signal Box in the background. The area to the left used to be the railway sidings and yards.  Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

Signal OM18 (left) controlled departures to Manchester from the normal platform. Signal OM20 (right) controlled anything reversing from teh Rochdale platform back towards Manchester.  Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

OM20 controlling trains reversing wrong line towards Manchester.  Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

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