Chadderton Goods Branch

NEWS & UPDATES - 24/06/2017 Links to youtube videos added for Chadderton Goods BR trains on the branch and Middleton Junction & Vitriol Works. Also added to Oldham Loop section for trips around the branch. 21/05/2017. Photos added to Royton Junction & Bullcote Lane / Heyside. 07/05/2017 Oldham Mumps goods sheds updated and a couple of photos added to Trains at Oldham Mumps. 05/05/2017 Photos added to Newton Heath Depot and Trains at Oldham Mumps. 24/04/2017 Oldham Mumps Station section updated in Oldham Loop. 15/04/2017 Oldham Loops Phots of Hollinwood & Oldham Werneth updated. 14/04/2017. Photos of the present day Chadderton Goods branch added to the "Then & Now" and "BR trains on the line" section. 10/03/2017 Photo of 8F railtour to Chadderton Goods added as well as more photos around Chadderton Junction.

Rochdale via Oldham before Metrolink

This will be a gallery of photographs from the Oldham Loop before it was downgraded to a tram track.

142012 at Manchester Victoria 03/10/2009, the last day of trains services. © Copyright Chris Bruce


142012 at Rochdale with the first train (06:18) around the Oldham Loop to Manchester Victoria on the fianl day 03/10/2009. © Copyright Chris Bruce

Trains to Manchester. © Copyright Chris Bruce

Trains to Oldham & Rochdale. © Copyright Chris Bruce


Trains from Hollinwood. © Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

Oldham Werneth this way. © Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

When you could catch a train in Oldham, © Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

Derker. Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

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