Chadderton Goods Branch

NEWS & UPDATES - 26/11/2017 Photos added to Rochdale/New Hey & Shaw & Crompton. 24/11/2017 Additions to the Rochdale photgraphs. 21/11/2017 Jubilee, New Hey, Milnrow & Rochdale updated. 19/11/2017 Works started on Jubilee photographs on the Oldham Loop. 18/11/2017. Updates to the Royton Branch photographs as well as Shaw & Crompton. 12/11/2017 Photos added to Oldham Central and the Royton Branch. More to follow.

Track Plans for Chadderton Goods to Middleton Junction

A few people are interested in modelling Chadderton Goods or making their own vewrsion of a coal yard. I have added a sketch of the track layout with some notes on the train operation.

Chadderton Goods circa 1980's
A British Rail drawing showing the track alteration between Middleton Junction and Oldham Werneth when the Werneth incline was taken out of use.
Middleton Junction to Chadderton Junction
Chadderton Junction to Oldham Werneth
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