Chadderton Goods Branch

NEWS & UPDATES - 26/12/2017 A list of HBA / HEA wagons known to have visited Chadderon Goods has been added to the photo section "Wagon at Chadderton Goods". 26/11/2017 Photos added to Rochdale/New Hey & Shaw & Crompton.

Oldham Loop - Miles Platting

Not technically on the Oldham Loop, but the first station stop for trains to Oldham.

142007 calls at Miles Platting with an Oldham Loop train to Manchester Victoria. Mid 1980's. © Copyright Chris Bruce 2017.

An unidentified 142 at Miles Platting. Mid 1980's. © Copyright Chris Bruce

150135 at Miles Platting. © Copyright Chris Bruce

Semaphore Signals at Miles Platting looking towards Brewery Siding Signal Box and Thorpes Bridge Junction. © Copyright Chris Bruce

Miles Platting Signal Box. © Copyright Chris Bruce

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