Chadderton Goods Branch

NEWS & UPDATES - 24/06/2017 Links to youtube videos added for Chadderton Goods BR trains on the branch and Middleton Junction & Vitriol Works. Also added to Oldham Loop section for trips around the branch. 21/05/2017. Photos added to Royton Junction & Bullcote Lane / Heyside. 07/05/2017 Oldham Mumps goods sheds updated and a couple of photos added to Trains at Oldham Mumps. 05/05/2017 Photos added to Newton Heath Depot and Trains at Oldham Mumps. 24/04/2017 Oldham Mumps Station section updated in Oldham Loop. 15/04/2017 Oldham Loops Phots of Hollinwood & Oldham Werneth updated. 14/04/2017. Photos of the present day Chadderton Goods branch added to the "Then & Now" and "BR trains on the line" section. 10/03/2017 Photo of 8F railtour to Chadderton Goods added as well as more photos around Chadderton Junction.

Oldham Loop - Dean Lane & GMC Refuse Siding.

Dean Lane station sign at the top of the Oldham bound platform. © Copyright Chris Bruce

The view form Dean lane on the Oldham bound platform looking towards Oldham. © Copyright Chris Bruce

Signals at the Oldham end of Dean Lane station. © Copyright Chris Bruce

The entrance to the Manchester bound platform from Dean Lane. © Copyright Chris Bruce

The Manchester bound platform and entrance signs. © Copyright Chris Bruce

The Manchester bound platform shelter. © Copyright Chris Bruce

Signals at the Oldham end of Dean Lane station from the Manchester Bound platform. © Copyright Chris Bruce

A 180 DMU on Newton Heath seen through Dean Lane bridge. © Copyright Chris Bruce

One of the few remaining station signs at Dean Lane shortly before closure.  © Copyright Chris Bruce

The post of many signs. © Copyright Chris Bruce

Go the long way around. © Copyright Chris Bruce

142058 passing under Dean Lane. © Copyright Chris Bruce

142058 calling at Dean Lane with a Manchester Victoria to Shaw & Crompton service. © Copyright Chris Bruce

A 142 flashes through Dean Lane with a limited stop Rochdale to Manchester Victoria via Oldham. © Copyright Chris Bruce

150148 about to depart Dean Lane for Manchester Victoria. Copyright Chris Bruce 2017

66618 at the GMC refuse site, one year after the closure of the Oldham Loop. 03/10/2010. © Copyright Chris Bruce

66618 awaiting departure. 03/10/2010. © Copyright Chris Bruce

66618 at Reliance Street on the remains of the Oldham Loop. 03/10/2010. © Copyright Chris Bruce

End of the line. As far as the Oldham Loop now goes. © Copyright Chris Bruce

End of the line seen from Hardman Street. © Copyright Chris Bruce

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