Chadderton Goods Branch

NEWS & UPDATES - 24/06/2017 Links to youtube videos added for Chadderton Goods BR trains on the branch and Middleton Junction & Vitriol Works. Also added to Oldham Loop section for trips around the branch. 21/05/2017. Photos added to Royton Junction & Bullcote Lane / Heyside. 07/05/2017 Oldham Mumps goods sheds updated and a couple of photos added to Trains at Oldham Mumps. 05/05/2017 Photos added to Newton Heath Depot and Trains at Oldham Mumps. 24/04/2017 Oldham Mumps Station section updated in Oldham Loop. 15/04/2017 Oldham Loops Phots of Hollinwood & Oldham Werneth updated. 14/04/2017. Photos of the present day Chadderton Goods branch added to the "Then & Now" and "BR trains on the line" section. 10/03/2017 Photo of 8F railtour to Chadderton Goods added as well as more photos around Chadderton Junction.


If you have any information about the folloing please get in touch;

Chadderton Goods branch & train workings.

Middleton Junction & Vitriol Works signal boxes.

Chadderton Power Station trains & workings.


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  • David Lees (Tuesday, February 07 17 09:00 pm GMT)

    Hi ... My folks lived 1951-2015 on Ferney Field Road and I grew up there 1953-1973. Loved the old branch line. I have some photos which I'll dig out and contact you again when they're found.

  • CHRIS BRUCE (Sunday, January 01 17 08:50 pm GMT)

    Tom Hugill, the brief history and closure dates are on the start page in purple writing. I don't have any higher resolution track plans at the moment but I am working on it.

  • Tom Hugill (Tuesday, October 27 15 01:54 pm GMT)

    Hi, very interesting site. I was looking at a quail map from around 1990-2 and saw the branch detailed and found this site looking for more information. In the update it mentions adding information
    on the closure, but I cant seem to find this! Do you have any high resolution of the BR track plans?

  • Russell Butler (Saturday, April 25 15 08:32 pm BST)

    I seem to recall an article in a railway magazine about 35 years ago describing a cab ride to this destinatination. I can remember nothing else about this article but it left me very intrigued by
    this bavk water.

  • Chris Bruce (Monday, February 02 15 09:41 pm GMT)

    Track plan sketch has been added.

  • Warren Mcclintoch (Saturday, January 31 15 06:34 pm GMT)

    Is there a track layout for this

  • Russell Clarke (Tuesday, November 25 14 01:46 pm GMT)

    Good web site, I used to walk along Hunt Lane each morning in the early 1970s on my way to work and remember seeing a small shunter working the yard but can\'t remember it being yellow at that time.

  • Chris Bruce (Tuesday, December 17 13 10:43 pm GMT)

    I would be very interested in anything to do with Chadderton Goods. Can you scan a copy of the drawings?

  • Chris Parker (Thursday, November 21 13 10:28 pm GMT)

    Hi Chris,
    I think the website is great, this was my playground when I was growing up as we lived just over the road from the coal yard, if you are interested I have a copy of a plan of the yard that was drawn
    in 1979/80, this plan shows the layout where the track was and some of the buildings, I am interested in trains and model railways and I am thinking of modelling a layout on the chadderton
    Chris Parker.

  • Dave Ogden (Tuesday, April 09 13 04:28 pm BST)

    I used to live on Laurel Avenue in the early 70's where I could look out and see the occassional passing train. I used to refer to them as 'the squeeky train' and found them a little scary as I was
    very young. Myself and some friends once got lost walking along the track attempting to discover where it went to.
    Sad to see it is no more as I live in Birmingham now.
    Cool web-site and good luck with adding to the photos.

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